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  1. In 1817, Chaplits rose to command the 3rd Hussar Division.
  2. The King's Hussars enter, led by Corporal Harold.
  3. Hussar Regiment, the last unbroken Austrian horsemen on the field.
  4. He was educated at Marlborough College and joined the 11th Hussars.
  5. On 9 November the Hussars sent a captured countryman to Brampton.
  6. He was appointed Commanding Officer of the Royal Hussars in 1980.
  7. Initially he enlisted as a simple soldier in the Berch�ny Hussars.
  8. Hussar Regiment Nr . 6, and a horse artillery battery.
  9. He served in the 7th Hussar Regiment as a reserve officer.
  10. Hussars, the regular foot regiments of " Ultonia"
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