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  1. For those who do, the hydraulic analogy is amusing, as no " cavitation " equivalent exists in electrical engineering.
  2. Liquid water behaves in the same way, though for more complicated reasons, which is why the hydraulic analogy works.
  3. The hydraulic analogy to Ohm's law has been used, for example, to approximate blood flow through the circulatory system.
  4. The hydraulic analogy can give a mistaken sense of understanding that will be exposed once a detailed description of electrical circuit theory is required.
  5. You might find our article Hydraulic analogy helpful in visualising why the " higher pressure " is across the smaller " tank with rubber sheet " ."
  6. :Some people like to think of electricity in terms of the Hydraulic analogy where voltage ( or " potential difference " ) is compared to pressure of a fluid.
  7. If you're familiar with electrical circuits, there's a very close hydraulic analogy between electricity and fluid flow that is often very helpful for thinking about vacuum systems.
  8. In the hydraulic analogy, current flowing through a wire ( or resistor ) is like water flowing through a pipe, and the voltage drop across the wire is like the pressure drop that pushes water through the pipe.
  9. In a hydraulic analogy, passing current through a high-resistivity material is like pushing water through a pipe full of sand while passing current through a low-resistivity material is like pushing water through an empty pipe.
  10. A fluid or Hydraulic analogy of an electric circuit attempts to explain circuitry in terms of plumbing, where water represents the mobile sea of charge within metals, where pressure difference is analogy for Voltage, and where water's flow rate is an analogy for Electric current.
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