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  1. Draconian laws were promulgated in 1940 to induce compliance; the diplomats who refused to return were declared outlaws with the penalty of death by shooting with 24 hours of their capture.
  2. Annan's third report to the council on children and armed conflict said the list was " an important step forward in our efforts to induce compliance . . . with international child protection obligation, " according to Otunnu's statement.
  3. Under court precedents, a civil contempt sentence is meant only to induce compliance, not to constitute punishment, and courts have held that if it is established that a witness will never cooperate, he or she must be released or a prosecutor must bring criminal contempt charges.
  4. See Wright v . Council of City of Emporia, 407 U . S . 451, 477-478 ( 1972 ) ( Burger, C . J ., dissenting ) . ( footnote 5 ) Federal courts simply cannot gather sufficient information to render an effective decree, have limited resources to induce compliance, and cannot seek political and public support for their remedies.
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