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  1. The measurement of inductance and resistance was dimly grasped, at best.
  2. A procedure called impedance matching is used to bypass this inductance effect.
  3. Short-pulse flashes require that all inductance be minimized.
  4. The transformer therefore has a larger short circuit inductance value.
  5. Leakage inductance depends on the geometry of the core and the windings.
  6. Many new developments are targeted at reducing parasitic inductance ( ESL ).
  7. These can generate an impedance equivalent to a negative inductance or capacitance.
  8. If the circuit contains inductance or capacitance, then consult power factor.
  9. He also discovered the property of self inductance independently of Michael Faraday.
  10. With shrinking process technologies inductance effects of interconnects became important as well.
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