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  1. In such cases, eddy currents are generated in the rotor, and the resulting Joule heating could in extreme cases destroy the generator.
  2. The voltage drop due to resistivity is associated with the conversion the electrical energy to heat energy through a process known as Joule heating.
  3. When a bias is applied to the sample for Joule heating, there is also an electrostatic force interaction between the tip and the sample.
  4. When this happens, that particular spot is subject to rapid Joule heating from the enormous current, which raises the temperature of the surrounding regions.
  5. Contact resistance causes power dissipation via Joule heating in low frequency and analog circuits ( for example, solar cells ) made from less common semiconductors.
  6. When the sample heats and contracts due to rapid Joule heating from an applied AC power source, pressure waves may be radiated from the sample.
  7. Joule heating has a coefficient of performance of 1.0, meaning that every 1 watt of electrical power is converted to 1 Joule of heat.
  8. The coefficient ?T 2 0 H " 0.004 is small because Joule heating in the aurora regions compensates that heat surplus even during quiet magnetospheric conditions.
  9. Using a DC pulse as the electric current, spark plasma, spark impact pressure, joule heating, and an electrical field diffusion effect would be created.
  10. Electrons accelerated by an electric field are relaxed through the energy conversion to phonon ( in semiconductors, mostly optical phonon ), which is called Joule heating.
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