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  1. At 83 % efficiency, all heat energy is converted to radiation by the emitter which is then converted by the PV into electrical energy without losses, such as thermalization or Joule heating.
  2. As another example, incandescent lamps rely on Joule heating : the filament is heated to such a high temperature that it glows " white hot " with thermal radiation ( also called incandescence ).
  3. CBRAM involves one electrode providing ions that dissolve readily in an electrolyte material, while PCM involves generating sufficient Joule heating to effect amorphous-to-crystalline or crystalline-to-amorphous phase changes.
  4. A lock-in amplifier is specially tuned to the Joule heating frequency for detecting only the expansion signal and provides the information to an auxiliary Atomic Force Microscopy channel to create the thermal expansion image.
  5. The point is typically taken to be at the antenna ( the " feedpoint " ), thereby not counting power lost due to joule heating in the feedline and reflections back down the feedline.
  6. The energy required to keep the disc moving, despite this reactive force, is exactly equal to the electrical energy generated ( plus energy wasted due to friction, Joule heating, and other inefficiencies ).
  7. The kinetic energy of the vehicle's motion is dissipated in Joule heating by the eddy currents passing through the disk's resistance, so like conventional friction disk brakes, the disk becomes hot.
  8. :: My hypothesis is that thermal losses by the local equivalent of Joule heating will prevent you from " breaking even " on the transaction of recovering all your incident light energy as reflected light energy.
  9. As a result, you substantially increase the amount of Joule heating, which is the primary thermal loss mechanism in electrical circuits, AFAIK . cool stuff ) 02 : 39, 29 March 2007 ( UTC)
  10. Second, they can be used in conjunction with Joule heating ( also called self-heating ) : If a large current is running through the resistor, the resistor's temperature rises and therefore its resistance changes.
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