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  1. After more than 30 years in the newspaper business, I certainly can tell a quality piece of journalistic writing from the kind of flabby schlock that too often fills the columns of the nation's newspapers.
  2. "Deserter from Death : Dispatches from Western Europe 1950 2000 ", is a posthumous collection of Singer's journalistic writing over the course of his life, published by Nation Books in 2005.
  3. Sports journalism in the United States has traditionally been written in a looser, more creative and more opinionated tone than traditional journalistic writing; the emphasis on accuracy and underlying fairness is still a part of sports journalism.
  4. In this novel and his subsequent journalistic writing and reportage, Smith would testify to the social, political, and cultural happenings of his adopted country as a way to explore and address everyday racism in the United States.
  5. To the objection above that WP : NOT says that my standards of journalistic writing don't apply in Wikipedia : WP : NOT doesn't come close to saying that, it says that Wikipedia is not the news.
  6. Her journalistic writing under several pen names including pseudonyms of "'Mary Mortimer Maxwell "'and "'Enid "', unceasingly promoted women's right to vote and denounced prison conditions for jailed suffragettes.
  7. I think that shows enough to demonstrate that, pace Jimbo, Kevin Morris is a proper journalist who has trained other proper journalists and that therefore his work for the Daily Dot counts as journalistic writing that counts as a reliable source.
  8. I did my best to figure out what Chris Ip does now, but he does not seem to be currently working as a journalist, or to have done much journalistic writing since his stint at the CJR-at least that's what his own website appears to suggest.
  9. ""'Biggest Elvis " "', also known as " "'Biggest Elvis : A Novel " "', This 1996 literary piece started out as a journalistic writing for " Playboy " magazine, to illustrate the nightlife in brothels and nightclubs when fleets of American naval servicemen dock for sailor s shore-leave on the port of Olongapo City.
  10. In addition to his books and journalistic writing, Ehrenreich has published numerous articles on social policy and psychology in scholarly and professional journals, including " Understanding PTSD : Forgetting Trauma " ( 2003 ), " Managing Stress in Humanitarian Aid Workers " ( 2004 ); " Women in prison : Approaches to understanding the lives of a forgotten population " ( with S . McQuaide, 1998 ) and " Personality Theory : A Case of Intellectual and Social Isolation ? " ( 1997 ).
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