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  1. He also jousted with the NBA's commissioner, David J . Stern.
  2. And he has been constantly jousted with the British news media and track federation.
  3. Legislators last week jousted over how language defines what it means to be American.
  4. Malcolm McDowell has long jousted with the same shadows that consumed Perkins'career.
  5. Speculators have jousted with the Hong Kong dollar.
  6. Inside the Capitol, Democrats and Republicans jousted over the procedure for the debate.
  7. Sometimes Bush jousted and gibed with his questioners.
  8. Nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton T . Friedman also frequently jousted with Klass.
  9. Cooper and Florida's Anthone Lott jousted for the ball in the end zone.
  10. Pacific and modified polar air have jousted back and forth over the Plains this week.
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