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  1. Down the street is the COWPER INN ( 650-327-4475 ), a low-key bed-and-breakfast that is walking distance from venture-capital firms like Accel Partners and Alloy Ventures.
  2. The characteristics of this secret or key are determined by the system which uses it; some system designs require that such keys be in a particular format.
  3. Salt was so valuable that Ragusan law required the warehouse keys be guarded round the clock and every sale of salt had to be observed by two witnesses.
  4. In 1848 Robert E . Lee, then a lieutenant colonel in the U . S . army, recommended that Mullet Key be used for coastal defense in Florida.
  5. Opening the liftgate for loading cargo requires that the key be inserted, turned a quarter of a revolution and then pushed, a temperamental procedure on the tested Torondo Red model.
  6. The alternative method is " venting ", which requires that the register key be used as part of the full fingering as opposed to being open momentarily at the start of the note.
  7. In April 2007, a group of companies that used Advanced Access Content System ( AACS ) encryption issued cease-and-desist letters demanding that the system's numerical key be removed from several high-profile websites, including Digg.
  8. But now the government will consider allowing export of coding systems with keys up to 64 bits long _ on the condition that decoding keys be held in escrow for access by authorized law-enforcement officials.
  9. While statistical key finding key be effective for reducing the amount of memory that needs to be searched, it still requires high-entropy areas to be tested to check if they contain the correct key material.
  10. They were aiming their energy onto the wood at the bottom of the key bed, not at the point where sound is actually produced, which is like trying to hit a ball that has already gone past you.
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