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  1. This station runs one ladder truck, two engines, one Fire Chief and three Battalion Chief.
  2. In 1927, Wyndmoor purchased two Hale Pumpers and in 1940 a city service ladder truck.
  3. The Maquoketa Fire department also owns a Ladder truck.
  4. They include refrigerated vans, ambulances, police vans, fire engines, ladder trucks, campervans and so on.
  5. The department has already cobbled together enough engines and ladder trucks to protect the city.
  6. That same year, the YFD's first motorized ladder truck arrived from the American LaFrance company.
  7. With a 2, 000-pound plane swinging into the ladder truck, we could have had problems,
  8. Clinton said, with 15 local firefighters lined up behind him and two hook-and-ladder trucks parked nearby.
  9. Throughout the afternoon and evening, four ladder trucks sprayed water from above onto the burning buildings.
  10. 1959 Tonka hook and ladder truck, $ 165.
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