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  1. They are moonshine artists, drunks, layabouts, and occasionally engage in shooting matches during family quarrels.
  2. "People think it's just about long-haired layabouts who are anti-establishment.
  3. To leave for surfing was radical at a time when surfers were regarded as long-haired layabouts.
  4. Alleged humorist Pauly Shore plays Pauly Sherman, the layabout son of a wealthy widower ( David Dukes ).
  5. Besides, as my guidance counselor said about all us losers, laggards and layabouts, they have potential.
  6. But her biggest burden is her layabout husband and his ne'er-do-well sidekick, Joxer.
  7. "Son In Law " ) as a layabout rich kid whose widowed dad marries a buxom bimbo.
  8. I have yet to see an Alexi Lalas-level loafer / layabout besmirch the Women's World Cup.
  9. Ligging was first spotted by the OED in 1960 _ " the mere ` ligging'layabout ."
  10. They were, in the slang of the British Midlands, " dossers " _ slackers, layabouts.
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