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  1. While it is perfectly acceptable for local conditions to make dirt or snow the primary surface, courses should minimize running on roads or other macadamized paths.
  2. However, a wide, macadamized turnpike connecting the town directly to Maysville was opposed by local residents in the 1830s, fearing economic competition to small local shippers.
  3. In 1852, Blake was appointed to superintend the macadamizing of the city streets, and his attention was directed to the want of a proper machine for breaking stone.
  4. In The New York Times, Brooks Atkinson wrote that the play's authors " have managed to remove contentment from the face of this macadamized land ."
  5. Progress continued in 1861 with the completion of the first macadamized road in Latin America, the Estrada Uni�o e Ind�stria ( Union and Industry ), replacing the Caminho Novo.
  6. The community had underground electricity, filtered water from a water tower, steam heating, and indoor plumbing, as well as of macadamized roads that was innovative for that era.
  7. Between 1912 and 1917 the " grand chemin Matap�dia " ( Matap�dia Big Road ) also known as " chemin Militaire " ( Military Road ) had been macadamized.
  8. The Scottish road-builder and engineer John Loudon Macadam the inventor of " Macadamized " roads ( not Tarmacadam as that came later ) lived for a while at Cockell House in Townhead.
  9. The following year, Professor R . L . Kirkpatrick resurveyed the first five miles of the road, which were then macadamized by a crew led by Colonel R . F . Bibb.
  10. With the introduction of macadamized roads, the Cleveland Bay horse was considered not fast enough, and as a result, some Cleveland Bays were bred to Thoroughbred horses to produce the Yorkshire Coach Horse.
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