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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. The Thomas family dining room is now a makeshift communications hub.
  2. Several agencies have put up makeshift signs over their work stations.
  3. More makeshift bases will be built as needed around the country.
  4. Federal Express envelopes formed the outer wall of a makeshift latrine.
  5. Makeshift wheelchairs start lining up early at the border station here.
  6. People hung makeshift pendulums from their ceilings to watch the motion.
  7. The woman was wrapped in clear plastic, a makeshift raincoat.
  8. One or two had makeshift curtains made of old beach towels.
  9. An empty box of chocolate doughnuts sits in a makeshift wastebasket.
  10. Makeshift medical centers have been erected in tents in parking lots.
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