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  1. Poore was CEO of Manganese Bronze Holdings, a company apparently more concerned with asset stripping than with motorcycle production.
  2. Over the last year, Manganese Bronze's shares have risen 90 % to close unchanged at 348 . 5 pence Monday.
  3. In 1984 London Taxis International ( LTI ) was formed after Manganese Bronze Holdings bought the London taxi dealers Mann & Overton.
  4. The original company, The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited, remains a subsidiary of Manganese Bronze but its name was changed in 1987.
  5. In 1973, Carbodies'owner BSA, by now confronting imminent bankruptcy, was bought by Manganese Bronze Holdings, who were happy to continue making the FX4.
  6. To make them affordable, Manganese Bronze offers its own financing, which has increased the share of drivers who own their cabs instead of leasing them.
  7. The suspension is by double A-arms, manganese bronze trunnion, coil springs and tube shocks at the front, optional anti-roll bar, and with worm and peg steering.
  8. Manganese Bronze, the owner of London Taxis International, a maker of British cabs, reported a 29 percent decline in taxi sales for its most recent quarter.
  9. Manganese bronze, a very hard, strong alloy, is the material of choice for Lie-Nielsen tools because it is heavier than iron, doesn't rust, and won't crack if dropped.
  10. BSA's components businesses became Manganese Bronze Components Division, comprising sintering, precision casting and metal powders; this division was sold in 2003 and went bankrupt a short period later.
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