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  1. As the result of 900 phthisis, calculous phthisis, cancerous phthisis, tubercular phthisis, glandular phthisis and phthisis with melanosis.
  2. Currently, the preferred imaging modality for diagnosis of neurocutaneous melanosis is Magnetic Resonance Imaging, although ultrasound is another viable option.
  3. As most patients with neurocutaneous melanosis are asymptomatic, those who are diagnosed through MR imaging are not guarantied to develop symptoms.
  4. Imaging has been shown to be the only reliable detection method for the presence of neurocutaneous melanosis that can be performed in living patients.
  5. Neurocutaneous melanosis is characterized by the presence of congenital melanocytic nevi on the skin and melanocytic tumors in the leptomeninges of the central nervous system.
  6. Smoker's melanosis is found in India, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Sweden, Turkey, USA, and several other countries.
  7. The signal due melanin deposits in the leptomeninges typical of neurocutaneous melanosis can be easily detected in MRI scans of patients under 4 months old.
  8. Once a patient with neurocutaneous melanosis becomes symptomatic, little can be done to improve prognosis as there is no effective treatment for the disorder.
  9. The presence of a Dandy-Walker malformation along with neurocutaneous melanosis, as occurs in 10 % of symptomatic patients, further deteriorates prognosis.
  10. The abnormalities of the leptomeninges during fetal development due to neurocutaneous melanosis may be the cause of this increased incidence of the Dandy-Walker malformation.
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