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  1. The Metropolitan Council also operates the Metro Mobility paratransit system for door-to-door transportation.
  2. The Metropolitan Council gave final approval to this decision on June 28, 2006.
  3. The project promotes the city of Guadalajara and the Metropolitan Council.
  4. Nashville is governed by a mayor, vice-mayor, and 40-member Metropolitan Council.
  5. Tisch is the chairperson of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty.
  6. MARTIN OLAV SABO, Minn . : Metropolitan Council articulated buses, $ 15 million
  7. Cortonwood now falls within the Hoober ward of Barnsley Metropolitan Council.
  8. Meeks was appointed to Minnesota's Metropolitan Council in 2003 by Governor Tim Pawlenty.
  9. The area falls within the Cross Gates and Whinmoor ward of Leeds Metropolitan Council.
  10. The Metropolitan Council is the legislative body of government for Nashville and Davidson County.
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