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  1. Among eukaryotic microorganisms, pheromones promote sexual interaction in numerous species.
  2. The acid and microorganisms decompose surrounding rock into clay and mud.
  3. The salvage pathways used in microorganisms differ from those of mammals.
  4. As this ice layer thins, the microorganisms show through grey.
  5. It is often essential to isolate a pure culture of microorganisms.
  6. Selective media are used for the growth of only selected microorganisms.
  7. Decaying trees also provide shelter to animals as well as microorganisms.
  8. Some work on microorganism s, while others study multicellular organisms.
  9. Some biologists conduct laboratory experiments involving animals, plants or microorganisms.
  10. Sputum Gram staining and culture can also reveal the causative microorganism.
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