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  1. The Sinhalese word " kukkula ", which is used for both moorhen and watercock.
  2. Coots, moorhens and mallards breed on the lake, and it also supports amphibians and dragonflies.
  3. Various birds including little grebes, painted storks and purple moorhen can be spotted in this lake.
  4. This species is parasitised in the nest by the moorhen flea, " Dasypsyllus gallinulae ".
  5. It was very similar to the Gough moorhen of Gough Island, located 395 miles to the southeast.
  6. A handful of taxidermical specimens of the Tristan moorhen have been preserved, including one at Harvard University.
  7. During the months of February and March, purple-moorhens and openbill storks can be seen here.
  8. In 1956 eight Gough moorhens were released at Sandy Point on Tristan, and have subsequently colonised the island.
  9. They often live alongside birds in the same genus, such as the Tasmanian nativehen and the common moorhen.
  10. The "'Tristan moorhen "'and the Gough moorhen are two species of flightless rails.
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