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  1. The Ford Airport ( Dearborn ) opened in 1924, which added an airship mooring mast in the following year.
  2. After the crash of the R101, British airships no longer crossed the ocean and the mooring mast was demolished.
  3. The one in front of the superstructure was reserved for the dirigibles, with a mooring mast at the bow.
  4. The tower begins above the 105th story, the original mooring mast for dirigibles and 1, 250 feet from the ground.
  5. The hotel featured an ornate marble lobby, a large ballroom, and a rooftop mooring mast intended for use by dirigibles.
  6. As the Hindenburg approached the mooring mast at Lakehurst, there was an explosion and the airship was engulfed by flames.
  7. The DN-1 was photographed beside a mooring mast but there appears to be no evidence it was ever moored to it.
  8. From one angle, I thought, it looked like some misbegotten postmodern Mont St .-Michel; from another, a mooring mast for dirigibles.
  9. This tramway facilitated the transportation of an airship on the mooring mast to the hangar interior or to the flight position.
  10. Its launches were so smooth that passengers often missed them, believing that the airship was still docked to its mooring mast.
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