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  1. Now his sweaty, heaving, lace-straining paunch glistens nakedly under one Liberace-styled bolero jacket after another.
  2. However, he has his share of detractors, who accuse him of being manipulative, emotional and too nakedly ambitious.
  3. The committee's own investigation has been nakedly partisan, in the manner of its chairman's manifest zealotry.
  4. If you can play the blues completely nakedly and truthfully, then you can play just about any kind of music,
  5. Florida, the " Land of Flowers, " seems nakedly new, built yesterday or the day before.
  6. The U . N . High Commissioner for Refugees criticized the ads as " nakedly anti-asylum ."
  7. The models wore chiffon bras with tiny handkerchief points of chiffon on their dresses, which extended nakedly across their backs.
  8. With Carousel, Wakeford has recorded three albums of his own'nakedly emotional'songs, and regularly performs live.
  9. Federico decides to recreate the Biblical story of Susanna, where she nakedly bathes and is leered at by two older men
  10. The season's lack of good new works will be nakedly revealed when the Tony Award nominating committee meets in May.
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