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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Michigan started the season off by notching a win over Ohio State.
  2. In 1975 76, notching 15 goals despite missing time to injury.
  3. The walls are built of hewn logs with dovetail notching.
  4. Liga, notching 13 goals in 16 appearances while playing for Vlaaim.
  5. They show only slight notching and no attempt was made at dovetailing.
  6. Bourque said after notching two assists in a 4-2 Avalanche victory.
  7. And people already are notching up a USC victory?
  8. Smyth was less so, notching five birdies but also dropping two shot.
  9. Hjorth tied tournament records for low score and most birdies, notching 10.
  10. Klose has justified Voeller's trust by notching five goals so far.
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