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  1. Corwin is unsure whether this means that Oberon has succeeded or failed.
  2. End of 2013 Oberon Microsystems released the final release 1.6.
  3. For a number of years Barda follows Scott and Oberon on tour.
  4. His students include Oberon's children Bleys, Brand and Fiona.
  5. Deemed to be dangerous and unstable, he was imprisoned by Oberon.
  6. This was the result of an experiment by Dr . Oberon Geiger.
  7. Oberon leads all the fairies away with the changeling at his side.
  8. He became interested in Science while at Oberon High School.
  9. Oberon instructs love juice on the eyelids of the " Athenian man"
  10. Oberon gives Guy a wand that he uses to dissolve the tower.
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