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  1. Ecuador s new " Organic Law on Communications " was passed in June 2013.
  2. The regulators bills are part of the organic laws demanded by the new Constitution.
  3. An Organic Law was promulgated in April 1928 for use under the British mandate.
  4. Other organic laws give the practical procedures for various elections.
  5. The Statute of Autonomy is the fundamental organic law in conjunction with the Spanish constitution.
  6. This corps was formally organized under army jurisdiction according to the Organic Law of 1926.
  7. The municipality is, in addition, governed by organic law.
  8. The Organic Laws required the legislature to meet in June and December of each year.
  9. The 1950 Organic Law of Police and Carabiniers officially separated the police from the military.
  10. But the new Constitution and its organic laws will try to catch up with them.
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