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  1. In the later 1960s she moved away from a modified Expressionism to a hard-edged organicism with ongoing ecological themes.
  2. Such organicism is all but impossible to convey from fragments, even from the wealth of truly wonderful fragments that our museums hold.
  3. A couple of years earlier, the same reviewer, Albion W . Small, had also expressed an optimistic outlook for organicism.
  4. As such claims are typically overstated, it is probably best to consider it the codification of such notions of musical autonomy and organicism.
  5. He was the first biologist to propose a theory of systems, and seems to be the originator of the term organicism for biological purposes.
  6. In its first period, the 1960s and 1970s, TMSS followed a Juri Lotman's concept of semiosphere and its relation to organicism.
  7. In the 1930s, he was producing sculpture and furniture influenced by the organicism of Rudolf Steiner, as well as by German Expressionism and Cubism.
  8. While the term " organicism " had been used before, Ritter was the first to use it for biological purposes and to create a theory of it.
  9. Joseph Needham, an influential historian of science and a Christian who nonetheless was an adherent of dialectical materialism, suggested that a more appropriate term might be " dialectical organicism ".
  10. Soviet Dialectical Materialism also made appeals to an holistic and organicist approach stemming from Hegel via Karl Marx's co-worker Friedrich Engels, again giving a controversial political association to organicism.
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