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  1. Despite her stirring rhetoric, Griffitts, like many other Quakers of the period, was uneasy at the prospect of violence and supported a negotiated solution to overtaxation rather than outright revolution.
  2. Just as Napsterites use high CD prices to justify outright theft, the respondents to the poll used overtaxation to justify their dislike of paying what they owe as members of a civilized society.
  3. It is certain that he uses the name Abbreviators, but speaks as if they had existed before his time, and had, by overtaxation for their labour, caused much complaint and protest.
  4. :One hundred and fifty years before the current campaign setting, in 455 CY, the elves and human nobility of Sunndi rose up in revolt against Aerdy's overtaxation and harsh laws.
  5. The wizard Zocor, in one of the opera's few moments of comic relief, cautions against the overtaxation of the blood vessels, singing in merry 12 / 16 time the aria " With heart in hand ."
  6. One cent of every $ 10 doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up to another $ 9 million-to-$ 11 million bite out of the bettors'bankrolls at a time when overtaxation is considered an industry demon.
  7. While anyone who resisted Magyarization was, indeed, subject to political and cultural handicaps, he was not subject to the kinds of civic and fiscal tricks ( prejudicial court proceedings, overtaxation, biased application of social and economic legislation ) that some of Hungary's neighbors often inflicted on their ethnic minorities.
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