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  1. In early 1968, Perfect Film purchased Popular Library, a paperback book company.
  2. It has a one-room library with paperback books in about 20 languages.
  3. A small but thick paperback book may be better with wider inside margins.
  4. Eventually, Sonny got out of furniture and cut way back on paperback books.
  5. That third man happened to be an editor of paperback books.
  6. Two years later, the Quality Paperback Book Club reissued three of her novels.
  7. Stacks of shoes were piled in one, paperback books arranged neatly in another.
  8. Six paperback books from Longstreet Press have sold more than 2 million copies.
  9. And the player is tiny _ smaller than a paperback book.
  10. Morris said of the thick paperback book with its distinctive green camouflage cover.
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