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  1. There he continued working as a pawnbroker until 1830.
  2. Jon Mirsalis states that Lon Chaney has an unbilled part as a pawnbroker.
  3. Other Pawnbrokers operated out of converted houses in prominent positions like corner shops.
  4. This design shows the higher status of the pawnbrokers.
  5. He refers to the veteran pawnbroker as " my good friend ."
  6. Meet Frederick Modell, pawnbroker to the rich.
  7. John Thomas is a Norcross lawyer and lobbyist for the Pawnbrokers Association of Georgia.
  8. For pawnbrokers in states with high interest rates, the profit potential is obvious.
  9. One difference : Unlike most offline pawnshops, Pawnbroker . com sells no firearms.
  10. Pawnbrokers are selling everything under $ 50 that they can possibly post on eBay,
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