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  1. Firmware 1.1 allowed the device to inherit sharing capabilities described by codename Pyxis.
  2. The word " pyx " comes from the pyxis " " meaning box or receptacle.
  3. Pyxis is Greek for jar ).
  4. San Diego-based Pyxis and its Allied Pharmacy Mangement unit make systems to manage drug supplies.
  5. Pyxis stock soared $ 6.375, to $ 22.125, in NASDAQ trading.
  6. Whereupon Pyxis Solitary retorted, " You two can have tea together, if you want ".
  7. "' TY Pyxidis "'is an eclipsing binary star in the constellation Pyxis.
  8. On the upperside of the pyxis is a geometrical pattern in " dark on light " paint.
  9. The hard part for Pyxis Corp . wasn't selling its drug-dispensing machines in Canada.
  10. Like Owen, Pyxis makes in-hospital drug dispensing systems and also operates a pharmacy management program.
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