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  1. The complete differential diagnosis is extensive and requires consideration of many other infectious diseases such as typhoid fever, shigellosis, plague, Q fever, candidiasis, histoplasmosis, trypanosomiasis, visceral leishmaniasis, measles, and viral hepatitis among others.
  2. This may result from infective causes ( such as glandular fever, cytomegalovirus, coxsackievirus, tuberculosis or Q fever ), systemic disorders such as amyloidosis or sarcoidosis, tumours, high uric acid levels, and other causes.
  3. For Q fever, a disease transmitted by the bacterial agent " Coxiella burnetii ", the whole of the diagnostic protocols as well on serologic as molecular biology aspects were set up at the laboratory.
  4. Chase and Masters search the house again and come up with a diagnosis of Q fever, but also find the patient's wife hidden at the house, who is revealed to be the actual hoarder.
  5. Finally, U . S . officials said, there is evidence that Aum was producing germs for Q fever, an arcane, incapacitating disease that is highly infectious and often studied for use in germ warfare.
  6. He was tested for a long list of ailments, common and not so common : babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, brucellosis, toxoplasmosis, Q fever, malaria, cytomegalovirus, human T-cell lymphoma virus, histoplasmosis, herpes, bartonellosis, HIV, tuberculosis and syphilis.
  7. "When we were having trouble with the Soviet Union in Cuba, " he says, " we produced about 3, 000 gallons of Q fever and about 2, 500 gallons of VEE virus slurry, both liquid.
  8. One of the Unit s first missions was to manage all aspects of Project CD-22, the exposure of volunteers to aerosols containing a pathogenic strain of " Coxiella burnetii ", the etiologic agent of Q fever.
  9. But the NYPD is trying to broaden that list to include germs that also cause Q fever and tularemia, which though naturally occurring, have also been studied by several countries for use as potential germ weapons.
  10. In addition, he gave it the name " Q fever ", originally intended as a temporary name, with the " Q " standing for " query " at a time when its cause was still unknown.
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