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  1. Those familiar with it either love its quaintness and natural beauty or hate its primitiveness.
  2. But on a closer look, it is a little too quintessential, its quaintness almost contrived.
  3. The locals all are inscribed with total, effortless rightness that never stumbles into cuteness or quaintness.
  4. There are coastal towns with more quaintness to them, such as Port Aransas and High Island.
  5. Mrs . Parisi said, " was not of gingham-curtained, cheese-soup quaintness.
  6. At the other extreme, a veil of quaintness enshrouded the English carols and Tudor song-book selections.
  7. For a huge heapin'of quaintness, try the Apple Farm, ( 805 ) 544-2040.
  8. A billion dollars is fine for education, but not for the faux quaintness of a new ball park.
  9. It depends on its quaintness to lure tourists off U . S . 101, just three miles away.
  10. It has a postcard quaintness to it, with church steeples on a hillside overlooking the placid Strule River.
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