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  1. Quaker Oats, best known for its cereals, was undaunted.
  2. Meanwhile, Quaker Oats discovered other problems at Snapple as well.
  3. Quaker Oats Co . jumped 1 to 34 3 / 8.
  4. As a result of that experience, he became a Quaker.
  5. Kesler likens it to a " Quaker meeting ."
  6. Quaker and the companies have declined to comment on the speculation.
  7. Someone might speak, in the manner of a Quaker meeting.
  8. Sales of Quaker's namesake hot cereals rose 3 percent.
  9. Soon, Quaker stockholders were urging Smithburg to cut his losses.
  10. But that didn't stop Quaker Oats from buying Snapple.
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