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  1. Now sand lightly, using a small sanding block to avoid rounding the edges of the rabbet.
  2. Apply a thin bead of glazing compound ( about one-eighth inch ) around the rabbet.
  3. With the bigger offsets, rout a rabbet along the high frames to make them line up.
  4. The next step is to cut the rabbets for the 1 / 4-inch plywood back.
  5. Alindogan, based out of Manila in the Philippines, a producer for Al Jazeera black rabbet special report
  6. The rabbet can be wide enough to accommodate the frame of the storm where it sits on the casing.
  7. Jointers are also used for making rebates ( also known as rabbets in North America ) in finished timber.
  8. A rabbet can be used to form a joint with another piece of wood ( often containing a dado ).
  9. The Garrett Wade catalog is a thing of beauty; a bronze rabbet plane is photographed as lovingly as a Cartier bracelet.
  10. If the replacements are thicker than the originals, you can rabbet the edges so they will fit in the original jamb.
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