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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Carl said he never rehearses or plans his speaking appearances.
  2. You see him in practice, he rehearses each move.
  3. The Colorado Supreme Court agreed on Friday to rehear arguments.
  4. Denver _ Colorado Supreme Court to rehear arguments in sex offender cases.
  5. On Monday the court voted 4-3 not to rehear arguments.
  6. The Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony also rehearses in Denison Hall.
  7. The band has over ten members and rehearses throughout the Summer holidays.
  8. The next day, Bocca attends a class, then rehearses all afternoon.
  9. Their benefit eligibility will be addressed when the lower court rehears the case.
  10. And she also rehearses the events of the heptathlon to increase her speed.
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