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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. It may cause anorexia, restlessness, hemorrhagic enteritis and intussusception.
  2. That breeds restlessness on the part of boards and CEOs.
  3. The restlessness is not confined to the sellers of tickets and records.
  4. Sinatra had the musical intelligence and restlessness to seek a new sound.
  5. But ambition and restlessness drive more kids to put on the straitjacket.
  6. A fellow foundation director remarked on Soros'intellectual restlessness.
  7. But off-Broadway is showing signs of real-estate restlessness.
  8. Inevitably, there was restlessness within the group, sometimes even impertinence.
  9. Duchovny, for instance, was open about his restlessness.
  10. The songs are briefer versions of Sibelius's restlessness.
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