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  1. Sabal palms, the state tree, fell.
  2. It is currently the most northerly known native habitat of the Sabal minor palm.
  3. The city planted five Sabal palms along the median in their children's memory.
  4. Numerous sabal palms and dwarf palmettos create a lush tropical understory throughout the shady park.
  5. Sabal is still on the table.
  6. Ignore the fact that he can't tell a sabal palm from a Washingtonian palm.
  7. The San Antonio area is at the westernmost limit for Cabbage palmetto ( Sabal palmetto ).
  8. They are similar to the leaves of the palmettos of genus " Sabal ".
  9. The chosen builders within Mahogany include : Jayman, Sabal, Stepper Homes and Trico Homes.
  10. Scott and Alexis Adams also lived in Sabal Point at 454 Timber Ridge Drive in Longwood.
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