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  1. The oven heat intensifies the sweetness of the fruit in the dessert, which he serves with a cool banana sabayon.
  2. During a moment of inattention, Melissa set down her sabayon, and it promptly fell over in its water bath.
  3. The oysters in champagne sabayon with caviar, the beef with beef marrow and the trademark chocolate souffle all still tasted terrific.
  4. Don't miss pastry chef Josefina Hernandez's desserts, such as rose tequila sabayon with rose-petal sorbet.
  5. I much preferred the fruit savarin, accompanied by toasted brioche, an ethereal Marsala sabayon and crunchy slices of toasted almond.
  6. Blue Hill in Greenwich Village serves a rosy citrus compote in which grapefruit is the dominant player, topping it with Champagne sabayon.
  7. Pastry chef Roland Mesnier offered guests a drizzle of red chili pepper sauce or tequila sabayon with their mango and coconut ice cream.
  8. Daily build images are available to the Sabayon testers, but are released weekly to the public on the system mirrors containing stable releases.
  9. There's a fine play of textures, with the meringue giving the dessert a nice crunch, and the sabayon adding a wonderful creaminess.
  10. I like both choices, and between the two of them I feel that I may never produce another sabayon, at least not for this purpose.
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