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  1. But out on the street, shoeshine men are few and far between.
  2. Even shoeshine men do not know how much longer they will be around.
  3. Last year I got my own shoeshine box and polish and started working.
  4. I will not quote snappy observations attributed to shoeshine boys and newsstand cashiers.
  5. Zedillo, a former Mexicali shoeshine boy achieved a Yale doctorate in economics.
  6. Freddy Nina, an 18-year-old shoeshine boy, agreed.
  7. To help provide money for the family, Moynihan became a shoeshine boy.
  8. Barsinister and Cad kidnap Dan and force him to call Shoeshine for help.
  9. Cowans worked as a shoeshine boy as a child.
  10. I've already worn out one shoeshine looking at acres of exhibits here.
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