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  1. From 1933 to 1939 the softback editions of the " Almanack " contained a cricket bat bookmark attached by the blade to the inside of the spine with yellow string.
  2. After 1949 he notes that numbers diminished, although at the time he wrote the article sales of the softback and hardback editions were still 11, 000 and 10, 000 respectively.
  3. Excepting the 1963 centenary softback, the external appearance of both types of the " Almanack " then remained substantially unchanged until 1965 when the hardback was issued with a dust jacket.
  4. Between 1965 and 1978 the woodcut and text elements of the softback covers and the hardback dust jackets were printed in a variety of colours before reverting to black on yellow from 1979 onwards.
  5. In recent years a more extensive range of facsimiles has been produced by the Willows Publishing Company Ltd . As of early 2014, softback and hardback editions up to and including 1946 have been published.
  6. It is for the years from 1936 onwards that Gutteridge puts numbers to the print runs, providing either combined figures, or a breakdown of softback and / or hardback numbers, for each year to 1949:
  7. Like the " Wisden " facsimile set, the Willows softback facsimiles up to 1937 are hardbound, in tan cloth with gilt embossing, but from 1938 onwards they are true facsimiles with yellow linen covers.
  8. It is published by Princeton University Press and is produced as both hardback ( ISBN 978-0-691-08402-2 ) and softback ( ISBN 978-0-691-02399-1 ) editions.
  9. Available in three body styles-Softback three-door, Hardback three-door and five-door Station Wagon-the Freelander offers the choice of 1.8 litre K Series petrol or 2.0 litre L Series diesel power.
  10. The recorded version of this script is available on " Lifehouse Chronicles ", and the text is available as a Simon & Schuster Pocket Books, First Edition 1999, softback, 146 pages, through Eel Pie and other book sellers.
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