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  1. When McKenzie, the baby, spits up, an orange crop top with spaghetti straps is used for wipe-ups.
  2. Young babies need to awake easily to protect themselves from dangers like choking when they spit up.
  3. And he doesn't spit up blood anymore.
  4. Brown s injuries were so severe that she was bedridden for several weeks and spit up blood.
  5. An infant soils the " diaper " at least ten times a day and spits up constantly.
  6. Early Sunday evening, the boyfriend called 911 after the injured child spit up blood and had stopped breathing.
  7. He spit up blood for nearly three hours before finally passing out, hitting his head on the wall.
  8. The fortunate driver will see a locomotive pass beneath him while the river spits up froth 200 feet below.
  9. Upon repenting, Jonah and Khalil are spit up onto the shore where they ride Jonah's camel, Reginald, to Nineveh.
  10. After drinking 1 1 / 3 cups, " she spit up a little and we cuddled, " he said.
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