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  1. At one point, Mackayala spit up water, or perhaps it was forced from her lungs by the chest compressions.
  2. He had felt pain and swelling in one of his testicles for weeks and had even spit up blood.
  3. There's even a tuxedo vest-and-pant set for $ 84, designed for the child who never spits up or leaks.
  4. Meanwhile, Manners has followed Jack to a shed, where he sees that Jack has spit up many, many snowball children.
  5. Sometimes the sea seems to just spit up some shipwreck mystery-- like the Altoona that surfaced suddenly in the 1950s.
  6. But he didn't believe it posed a problem until it recently became painful and he began to spit up blood.
  7. "They're still scared they're doing it wrong, that they're not checking the temperature the right way, that the baby spit up.
  8. One patient volunteer hunkered down over a mud-soaked computer with a toothbrush and toothpick, coaxing it to spit up valuable records.
  9. Here is the only advice you'll get from Trillin about parenting : " Try to get one that doesn't spit up.
  10. Thompson wouldn't move West without market compensation, something Baylor still has to convince his owner ( ol'What'shisname ) to spit up.
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