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  1. BeyondRaid offers a RAID 6 like feature and can perform hash-based compression using 160-bit SHA1 hashes to maximize storage efficiency.
  2. Each format has its own set of advantages and disadvantages with respect to storage efficiency ( and thus also of transmission time ) and processing efficiency.
  3. In that case, there is no exergy loss in the heat transfer process, and so the compression work can be completely recovered as expansion work : 100 % storage efficiency.
  4. Phase change materials such as paraffin wax and Solar Two project used this method of energy storage, allowing it to store in its 68 m?storage tank with an annual storage efficiency of about 99 %.
  5. Experimental data shows 69 % storage efficiency, with good storage capacity ( over 1000mAh / cm 2 ), low leakage ( 2 ) and high maximum discharge capacity ( over 200mA / cm 2 ).
  6. "' Storage efficiency "'is the ability to store and manage data that consumes the least amount of space with little to no impact on performance; resulting in a lower total operational cost.
  7. It should also be mentioned that real compressors and turbines are not isentropic, but instead have an isentropic efficiency of around 85 %, with the result that round-trip storage efficiency for adiabatic systems is also considerably less than perfect.
  8. Because the savings are small compared to the amount of stored data ( for all file sizes in general ) but make up a large portion of the metadata ( for large files ), the benefits in storage efficiency and performance are slight.
  9. Most crop plants store ~ 0.25 % to 0.5 % of the sunlight in the product ( corn kernels, potato starch, etc . ), sugar cane is exceptional in several ways to yield peak storage efficiencies of ~ 8 %.
  10. By pumping up at high tide and generating at low tide, an apparent storage efficiency of more than 100 % can be achieved, though that would be possible only with appropriate timing of demand, and distribution of power between areas with different tide times.
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