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  1. It may also mediate adhesion between thymocytes and thymic stroma.
  2. transforming growth factor beta-induced protein in the superficial corneal stroma.
  3. PSI releases FNR into the stroma, where it reduces to NADPH.
  4. There is normal glial tissue set within a fibrous connective tissue stroma.
  5. You might consider using " Stroma " instead of " it ".
  6. Stroma is a mixed chamber ensemble based in Wellington, New Zealand.
  7. Its northernmost point is Stroma, a small island in the Pentland Firth.
  8. In higher plants thylakoids are organized into a granum-stroma membrane assembly.
  9. Grana thylakoids and stroma thylakoids can be distinguished by their different protein composition.
  10. The land boundary follows a Stroma is within Caithness.
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