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  1. These remains predate the oldest previously known stromatolite remains, found in the Dresser Formation in western Australia, by 220 million years.
  2. Algal mats form in the inter-tidal region and appear as areas of flat black mud flats but are actually living stromatolite.
  3. That is, did a stromatolite forming cyanobacteria give rise to the Eucarya ( which is the line to which humans belong ).
  4. The unusual alkaline nature of the lake means that is one of the few locations where ancient stromatolite ( 1 ) algae still grows.
  5. Proterozoic stromatolite microfossils ( preserved by permineralization in silica ) include cyanobacteria and possibly some forms of the geologic record is " Collenia ".
  6. The Petrified Sea Gardens, the stromatolite site that she studied, is a National Natural Landmark and a National Historic Landmark of the United States.
  7. Monohydrocalcite and other carbonates appear to be deposited in Solar Lake by the action of benthic cyanobacterial mats ( stromatolite ), which may be 1 m thick.
  8. In 2016 melting snow revealed 3.8-billion-year-old stromatolite fossils, the oldest by several hundred million years thus far discovered on Earth.
  9. The project's Scientific Director Michela Magas of Stromatolite launched the first Music Tech Fest event in London 2012 as a way to bring academics and practitioners together.
  10. The closing of the Betic corridor is recorded by the presence of lagoonal, silty sediments covered by a stromatolite layer and crowned by a red soil in the westernmost outcrops.
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