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  1. One of eight famous literati of Tang �Song period, Wang Anshi was known for writing with succinctness and profundity.
  2. He completed and perfected his partners'songs with the twangy succinctness he learned from rockabilly guitarists, particularly Carl Perkins.
  3. We should always be aiming for succinctness and clarity . talk ) 13 : 24, 27 June 2012 ( UTC)
  4. *FWIW, if uninvolved editors are allowed to weigh in, I personally generally value succinctness in List article titles.
  5. What Lothar de Maiziere, the last leader of East Germany before unification, first noticed in Angela Merkel was her succinctness.
  6. "The Met is in some sense the museum, " he says with typical down-to-earth succinctness.
  7. Peszke's writings are characterized by an admirable clarity and succinctness that may perhaps owe something to his training in medical diagnostics.
  8. :: See also Wikipedia : Manual of Style ( biographies ) and Wikipedia : Manual of Style ( captions ) # Succinctness.
  9. However, it was also complimented for its succinctness and relative shortness, considering that most autobiographies of the time were much longer.
  10. "He hit it good, " observed Angels skipper Terry Collins, in a classic display of baseball-lifer succinctness.
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