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  1. This species is erect and sympodial with pseudobulbs of 20 cm long by 1.2 cm diameter.
  2. The colonies are covered with chitinous periderm and can be either prostrate or erect with weak or sympodial branching.
  3. Examples of plants that are propagated this way include hops, asparagus, ginger, cannas, and sympodial orchids.
  4. "Bifrenaria " are generally robust plants, of sympodial growth, between ten and sixty centimeters tall.
  5. The very flat knob-like tuberous root system is typically sympodial, expansive and each shoot is of annual duration only.
  6. The sporophyte of " G . zyzzata " consisted of leafless stems ( axes ) with an apparently sympodial organization.
  7. Clumping bamboos, such as the " B . chungii ", are noninvasive bamboos ( sympodial or pachymorph ).
  8. The encrusting parts of the coral expand by the growth of stolons, and the edges of blades expand by sympodial growth.
  9. "Dendrobium crumenatum " produces upright, sympodial, pseudobulbs that are swollen at the first 3 or 4 bottom labellum.
  10. Bamboo can be of either the " clumping " ( sympodial ) type, or the " running " ( monopodial ) type.
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