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  1. First, the surgeon must locate the syrinx.
  2. At Jupiter, Syrinx recovers from her injuries.
  3. Syrinx played the Toronto coffee-house circuit.
  4. For reasons that are only now becoming clear, this results in syrinx formation.
  5. About 30 % of people with a spinal cord tumor eventually develop a syrinx.
  6. This disorder is associated with syringomyelia, a syrinx limited to the spinal cord.
  7. Campbell captured the second Oaks elimination behind Syrinx Hanover, who was the overwhelming favorite.
  8. Because they lack a syrinx, their vocal display is limited to grunts and hisses.
  9. The syrinx is the vocal organ of birds, analogous to the larynx in mammals.
  10. In some songbirds, the syrinx can produce more than one sound at a time.
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