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  1. Tax rebate discounting in Canada is regulated under the Tax Rebate Discounting Act.
  2. The first wave of nearly 8 million tax rebates were mailed out Friday.
  3. Tax rebate checks spent this month should also provide some boost.
  4. Later, in the 1980s, California provided tax rebates for wind power.
  5. It includes a $ 122 million sales tax rebate that requires legislative approval.
  6. The tax rebate checks mailed out this summer reduced the surplus.
  7. George Bush fought for and has delivered a tax rebate for American families,
  8. Traders were also digesting reports that the government will discontinue special tax rebates.
  9. The Senate bill called for $ 85 billion in tax rebates this year.
  10. Property tax and sales tax rebates were also offered, he said.
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