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  1. They deepened the wells in the 1980s for a long-term test of reliability and economics.
  2. Since the series of the converges, the individual must converge to 0 by the term test.
  3. THE SOS chromotest is considered to be the most simple and rapid short-term test for genotoxicity.
  4. The only long-term test measuring achievement is the federal government's National Assessment of Educational Progress.
  5. Therefore, does not converge to zero as, hence the series of the diverges by the term test.
  6. "Autocar " �s Edward Eves conducted a long-term test of the turbodiesel in 1981.
  7. Measurements over 10 pCi / L warrant only another short term test so that abatement measures are not unduly delayed.
  8. But the Taliban, he said, are digging in, making the war a long-term test of wills.
  9. The company will launch a long-term test of Bextra in arthritis patients to examine its effect on the heart.
  10. Experiments were designed to test pusher plates in nuclear fireballs and long-term tests of pusher plates could occur in space.
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