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  1. We drove 350 miles in the towed vehicle to see Old Faithful belch in Yellowstone Park and 75 miles to get fingernails repaired in the only nail salon in the Northwest Territory, located between Hungry Horse and Whitefish.
  2. ""'Big Rig Bounty Hunters " "'is an American History Channel which premiered in February 2013, which follows bounty hunters who search for and retrieve lost, stolen, or otherwise missing tractor-trailer rigs and in some cases, towed vehicles and cargo on trailers.
  3. "What we did notice during this process was the start of an evolution of a new breed of larger vehicles, pickups, vans and towed vehicles, and trends in modifications to those vehicles that might lead to overloading the tires, " he said.
  4. The company has also gone to court, winning patent disputes over the L-arm underlift against rival tow truck makers Chevron, Inc ., E . R . Buske and ZackLift . The L-arm is a device that lifts a towed vehicle by its wheels.
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