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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Trads demonstrated poorer attitudes about peers, themselves, and academic abilities.
  2. The trad class was a split fourth / fifth-grade class.
  3. You can see why some trad artists will resent it.
  4. Ms . Marlowe said, referring to the trads.
  5. Daytrading ( da-TRAD-ng ) n.
  6. xfdws BOOST-INTERNATIONAL-TRAD sked Emerging Markets Datafile
  7. Imlach was invited to join the Irish trad and folk group The Dubliners.
  8. Labor Deputy Premier Jackie Trad is the current member.
  9. Trad teachers were peer-rated as good teachers.
  10. Jigsaws felt they could learn more from other students while trads did not.
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